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For energy reform advocates, lessons from health care

August 2nd, 2010

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This piece was originally published in The Washington Post.

With the United States struggling to recover from a job-killing recession, a Democratic president asks a Democratic Congress to pass sweeping reform of a major sector of the economy. “We can no longer afford to continue to ignore what is wrong,” he explains. “We must fix this system, and it has to begin with congressional action.” The public, however, rejects this plea. The proposal dies in Congress, and recriminations begin. Chastened and disappointed, advocates regroup and seek a new path forward.

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Is Health Care Reform Still Progressive?

December 22nd, 2009

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Originally published in Roll Call

Eleven months ago, in the midst of a Category 5 economic hurricane, President Barack Obama, Congress and progressive leaders embarked on an improbable quest to pass comprehensive health insurance. The goal was to provide coverage to tens of millions of Americans, health care stability to the middle class, cut costs to business and individuals, and, don’t forget, reduce the federal deficit without raising taxes on average Americans.

On Thursday, the United States Senate will vote on a bill that, miraculously, does just that. The House has already acted. And yet, on blog posts, op-ed pages and in Congress, many progressives seem absolutely miserable. Why?

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