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Will Republicans Get Obama Re-Elected?

August 8th, 2011


This piece was originally posted on The Huffington Post.

Democrats are waking up to a terrifying realization: there is nothing President Obama can do to get himself re-elected next year. Things look just that bad. On the other hand, there are plenty of things Republicans can do to get Obama re-elected. And they seem to be doing them.

How bad have things gotten for Obama? Well, he did get the debt deal. The idea was to avoid default and thereby keep the confidence of the markets and not put the U.S. credit rating at risk. So what happened? No sooner did he sign the debt deal than the markets crashed. And the U.S. credit rating got downgraded.

There’s the thanks of a grateful financial sector for you.

Meanwhile the economic picture remains grim. Unemployment seems stuck at over 9%. That’s considerably worse than when Obama took office (7.8%). Economic growth is faltering. Consumer confidence is lower than it has been in any presidential election year since the 1950s, save two — 1980 and 1992. In both those years, incumbent Presidents failed to win re-election. Read the rest of this entry »