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Herman Cain and the False Premise of a CEO Presidency

October 25th, 2011


This piece was originally published in The Washington Post.

Ross Perot. Steve Forbes. Herman Cain.

All three are corporate CEOs who ran for president. They mounted serious campaigns for the highest office in the land with just one prior political race (Cain’s failed 2004 Senate bid) among them.

The premise of each of their campaigns—and of all the other fantasy candidacies ranging from Donald Trump to Lee Iacocca—has been that politicians broke politics, and only a corporate leader has the management skills, financial acumen and decisiveness to right the ship of state.

Their case boils down to a basic leadership proposition that a CEO presidency would be the best model for breaking through beltway gridlock and securing America’s economic future.

But is that true? Read the rest of this entry »