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The Election Results No One is Talking About

November 12th, 2013


Which is the most important result of Tuesday’s election?

A. A Republican governor won a landslide election in a blue state.

B. A Democrat was elected governor in a purple state during intense criticism of a new federal government program.

C. An outspoken liberal Democrat was elected mayor in a big city — where opposition parties had been in power for 20 years.

D. An education funding amendment lost in a mountain state.

If you said D, you’re correct.

On Tuesday, Amendment 66 was defeated in Colorado, with preliminary results suggesting a drubbing of two-to-one opposed. It would have improved education funding with slight tax increases and changed Colorado’s flat tax to a two-tiered, progressive structure.

The goal was a major overhaul of education finance, with reduced disparities at the local level and increased spending — including funding for early childhood programs, rural education and at-risk youth programs.

Millions of dollars poured into the state to support the amendment. High-profile backing came from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Melinda Gates. But the more than $10 million spent in support of the amendment wasn’t enough to convince skeptical voters.

The defeat of Amendment 66 should worry Democrats. This is about as close as you can get to the main thrust of the Democratic Party’s progressive agenda: raise taxes on wealthier people to fund investments in the future.

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Profiling Arizona’s Immigration Law

May 1st, 2010


This piece was originally published in National Journal.

Politics is about seizing opportunities.

When a California health insurance company hiked individual premiums as much as 39 percent in February, congressional Democrats seized the opportunity to showcase the urgency of health care reform. Last month, when the Securities and Exchange Commission filed suit against Goldman Sachs alleging fraud, Democrats seized the opportunity to build momentum for financial regulation.

Now Democrats are warning that the federal government had better pass reasonable legislation to deal with illegal immigration, or else. Or else what? Or else more states could pass Arizona-style immigration laws that threaten to turn America into a police state. The Arizona statute authorizes the police to detain anyone who appears to be an illegal immigrant and isn’t carrying documents that prove otherwise.

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