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Common Ground on Abortion: A Study in Contrasts

March 9th, 2011


This piece was originally published on The Huffington Post.

February 18th highlighted two starkly different approaches on the issue of abortion.

On that day, the Obama administration issued a rule that refined the “midnight regulations” on federal conscience clause protections that were issued by the Bush administration. The new HHS rule was in effect a partial rescission of the Bush regulation. The Obama rule kept in place key components of the 2008 rule and sought to carefully balance the rights of medical providers who have moral objections to certain procedures with the ability of patients to obtain the medical care they need. It was yet another illustration of the nuanced, respectful, common-ground approach that President Obama and his administration have long taken on the divisive issue of abortion.

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What Would Jesus Do?

January 29th, 2010


This piece was originally posted on the Huffington Post.

Will the culture wars ever end? We have now had three Presidents in a row who promised to unite the country. They all failed.

Bill Clinton said in 2004, “If you look back on the sixties and, on balance, you think there was more good than harm in it, you’re probably a Democrat. And if you think there’s more harm than good, then you’re probably a Republican.”

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