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Remarks Prepared for Delivery by Bernard L. Schwartz at Third Way & The Atlantic’s Infrastructure 2.0 Panel

September 30th, 2013


The Case for Infrastructure

Before we dug the Erie Canal, it cost $120 to ship one ton of flour from Buffalo to New York City. After its construction, it cost $6. Because of that investment, business boomed, consumers lived better, and prices for products dropped.

That was almost 200 years ago, and the lesson hasn’t changed. Our national investment in the Grand Coulee Dam created millions of acres of arable land, whose wealth to our country cannot be estimated.  There is an unshakeable bond that links infrastructure to economic growth and to better lives for people. That is the story of America’s economic success and the creation of the greatest middle class in the world.

So why have we stopped investing? Why have we forgotten what made America and the middle class great?

Nothing would do more to put America back to work in good, long-term jobs than infrastructure investment. Nothing would be better for our long-term economy than making investments in better ports, roads, transmission wires, rail, and broadband so that we can move people, products, power, and ideas better, faster, and cheaper than the rest of the world.

And there is no better time to invest than now. Capital is available and cheap. The need is great. And the workforce is waiting.

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