Everything you always wanted to know about national security in preparing for debates (but were afraid to ask)

July 20th, 2012



The economy will dominate the 2012 election. But at some point, candidates for federal office will be asked about national security. Democrats may be inclined to rest on President Obama’s laurels, but aside from the President’s own reputation, the Party brand hasn’t improved much on these issues. Rather than being caught unprepared, check out Third Way’s 2012 National Security Debate Book and get the facts!

Monday— #FactTime: Defeating AQAP, NATO routes out of Afghanistan, CISADA, drones in Pakistan–National security demystified! http://bit.ly/OJgrZ9

Tuesday— #FactTime: Despite OBL, Republicans best Democrats by 11 points on dealing with terrorism and military threats. http://bit.ly/NDgF2N

Wednesday—#FactTime: Obama bests Romney by 12 on terrorism and 8 on foreign policy, despite Democratic brand on security issues. http://bit.ly/MA7Lne

Thursday— #FactTime: By 35 points, Independents think the U.S. should not be involved in Afghanistan. http://bit.ly/OJvWQI

Friday— #FactTime: Red districts, blue districts, all districts express support for cutting defense spending. http://goo.gl/ELPkK