June 28th, 2012



I have a two-year old son, and the Affordable Care Act is way too hard for him to pronounce. We’re still celebrating “cookie” and “Elmo”. But today’s Supreme Court decision will have a massive impact on him—and millions of other toddlers who will one day carry forward the American Dream.

Here is what I’m going to tell my son tonight:

First, please sit down for a minute, Grant. Stop trying to put stickers on the dog. Daddy needs to talk to you.

Second, a bunch of serious people in the Supreme Court made an important announcement today. They said that the law that the President and Congress agreed to will be upheld.

Third, this massive fight in Washington is now over. We have many friends who are Republicans (yes, like Daddy’s friend Charles) but they must throw in the towel, and we must all move on.

Fourth, because of this ruling, our family (sorry, not the dog) and the families of all of your friends will have stable and secure health care coverage forever.

So, Grant, you will now be able to stay on Daddy’s coverage until you are 26. You will always be assured of getting health care, no matter what medical condition you have. If you get really sick, there will not be limits on your benefits. When we go to the doctor for your preventative care, we won’t have a co-pay or deductible. When you one day get a job, if your employer doesn’t provide coverage, you will be able to buy affordable coverage. And if you lose a job that gives you coverage, you will be able to buy affordable coverage.

The most important things Mommy and I want are for you to be healthy and happy. Allowing this law to be upheld will go far to ensuring that you stay healthy.

And now you can go back to putting stickers on the dog which I know makes you happy.