Live Webcast: New Energy Roundtable with Senator Harry Reid

December 2nd, 2008



On December 2nd, Third Way hosted a roundtable discussion entitled The New Revolution: America’s Clean Energy Future, featuring Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). The second in a series of discussions that Third Way is hosting with major policymakers and leaders on the issue of clean energy, this New Revolution event included 45 principals, representing a variety of perspectives within the government, advocacy, policy and business sectors.

Watch Senator Reid and other business, labor, environmental and policy leaders participate in a roundtable discussion on how the next Congress can move America toward a clean energy economy.

Third Way is focusing on the issue of clean energy because it will touch almost every important issue facing Washington in the coming year: economic stimulus and revitalization, U.S. national security, responding to climate change, and American global leadership. Majority Leader Reid will play a central role in shaping the policymaking required to make that happen, working in concert with his congressional colleagues and the new President.

We hope you will take some time to watch this webcast of the important discussion.