Responding to the Bush State of the Union

January 25th, 2006



Next week, President Bush will be delivering his annual State of the Union address. This speech is a tailor-made showcase for the President’s perceived strengths, and there is no doubt he’ll be doing his best to project an optimistic, proactive and ambitious vision for the nation.

Too often in the past, progressives have reflexively reacted to the optimism of the President’s SOTU with pessimism and negativity. We have even disputed the strength of our nation, arguing that the President gets it wrong when he announces that “the state of the union is strong.” This approach is both politically perilous and substantively wrong. Our nation IS strong, because of the drive, hope and optimism of the American people.

While there’s no question about the state of the American union, there is a lot to question in the Bush State of the Union address.
We believe progressives can effectively respond to the SOTU by turning this speech into an issue of character: Too Many Broken Promises for Too Long.

Past SOTUs have been jam-packed with grandiose promises and big ideas. But has the President really followed through? The answer, sadly, is no. Too Many Broken Promises for Too Long. Whether it’s the hydrogen car or a mission to Mars, paying down the debt or making health care more affordable — Bush cannot or will not keep his promises.

Bush’s own past words are the best indictment of his record, and his lack of achievement betrays the emptiness of his efforts at “honest leadership.” Too Many Broken Promises for Too Long.

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