New Voices in Whoville

October 13th, 2006



If you do not live either under a rock or in the White House, the need for the United States to change course in Iraq is becoming blindingly obvious to virtually everyone.

Continued American casualties, rampaging sectarian violence, a barely functioning government and a sagging shelf’s worth of books about our mistakes in Iraq are just a few of the proof points, but the bottom line is clear: the Bush “strategy” (if his administration’s leadership in the war effort can be said to have one) is failing miserably.

Like many in the progressive movement, we have been noting this for years now, to little effect. We have felt at times like Dr. Seuss’s Horton the elephant – the warnings are so obvious, if the President would just open his ears and LISTEN.

It is possible that, like that last tiny child in Whoville yelling up to the monkeys, some new voices will be enough to get the Bush administration to finally take heed. In recent days, a trio of respected Republican leaders: former Secretary of State James Baker, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner, and Senator Olympia Snowe, all have expressed skepticism about the Bush “stay the course” mentality and indicated their strong belief that we must change direction in Iraq.

This is enormously important and welcome. Third Way wrote a letter to Senators Warner and Snowe applauding their statements.

After the election is over, it will be time for a serious examination of America’s role in Iraq. With the support of these and other Republican mainstays, it might finally be time to start getting America out of the beezlenut stew.