The Headless State

June 28th, 2007



At the ticker reads 571 days, 8 hours, 52 minutes, and 22.6 seconds until the end of the Bush presidency. It’s time to resynchronize our watches to 0 – the Bush presidency ended today at 11:35 am when the Kennedy-Kyl Immigration Bill died. The President’s arm twisting brought over 12 Republicans. That’s 12 out of 49. That’s 24.5% of the caucus. That’s a .245 batting average. That’s Bobby Abreu-ville.

And that’s the good news. If this bill were voted on in the House, Bush would be batting below the Mendoza line.

If it were only the immigration bill, it would be premature to order the orchids. But when you add the Lugar speech this week calling for the end of U.S. combat operations in Iraq, well, it means the president’s top two priorities – getting the immigration situation under control and starting Armageddon in the Middle East – are now totally lost.

The fact is we don’t really have a president right now. Oh sure, we have someone who can roll an Easter egg, go to a state dinner or veto a stem cell bill. We have someone who can command a national radio address or send an envoy to some unpronounceable country. We just don’t have a president that can accomplish anything, who can win a vote, who can stir the American people. Not that I’m complaining. Six years of the worst president anyone could possibly imagine for a country so great and decent as ours is plenty. But the spectacle is something to see.

See the Republicans run away from the President faster than you can say “I am the decider.” See the normally pliable Mitch McConnell hint at big changes when the Big Surge comes up for reauthorization in September. See Dick Cheney claim he’s not a part of the Administration he hand-picked (including himself), but is instead part of the Senate. (Et tu, Cheney?)

And then there are the Democrats. Six years of frustration, six years of anger, six years of being Swift Boated. Everyone get your bat, head over to the White House and start swinging at that piñata. The only thing left is the counting – counting the subpoenas that is. Waxman, Schumer, Dingell, Conyers, and Leahy are determined to re-brand the Bush presidency from being the most incompetent to being the most corrupt.

There are still some who demand an impeachment of this president. And indeed, there have been high crimes and misdemeanors galore. But why bother? He’s done.