Third Way in Iraq #19: A Friend Lost

October 4th, 2006



Editor’s Note:

Sean continues his recovery in Philadelphia. He recently underwent more surgery, and he is currently confined to bed-rest.

Sean recently did a radio interview about his time in Iraq with a Swarthmore station (he’s an alumn). You can listen to the interview here (click on the link to Wren Elhai’s report in the first section on Education Underground).

Sean’s unit, Charlie Company (1st Battalion, 25th Regiment), is scheduled to begin coming home next week. But the war continues to take its unrelenting toll. LnCpl Christopher Cosgrove III, Sean’s friend and bunkmate, who served with him in both his New Jersey and Connecticut units, was killed by a car bomb while manning a checkpoint in Northeast Fallujah on October 1. Another Marine, Lance Cpl. Jason E. Mikolajcik, was seriously injured. The blast also killed two Iraqi soldiers and injured two others.

Below we have pasted an email from the Company’s 1st Sgt – a moving tribute to a wonderful young man and a great Marine.

There was also coverage in LCpl Cosgrove’s hometown paper and in the Hartford Courant.

From 1st Sgt Grainger:

By now you have heard, I’m sure, we have lost another Marine. Cpl Christopher Cosgrove III to be exact. He was the type of Marine that nothing would get him down. He spoke so proudly of his family and fiancé back in Jersey, but then again he was the type of Marine that considered everyone family. He had a nurturing sense to him as he took care of everyone and thought of everyone before himself. Never did I see him when he didn’t have a big grin on his face and give a warm hello from his heart. He was always smiling. In the stress of Iraq people tend to get under each others skin, no one could ever say that about Christopher Cosgrove, every last Marine that knew him loved him. Many a night as I sat tired and burned out Christopher would stop by my sandbagged office, I think just to check on me, he would take a handful of the letters I was working on and answer back to people who had sent Marines Donations. He especially loved answering the kids who would send cards. That was the type of Marine he was though, taking care of even the 1stSgt, his enthusiasm had a way of charging my old batteries back up for another day. What he talked the most about though was going home and getting married to his sweetheart. She was the love of his life. As I packed away his photos last night, to send home, I paused at everyone to put a face to all the stories he had ever told me. You could tell she thought the same of him as they looked so perfect together. There are no answers for the pain they all feel today nor the pain we all feel. Christopher was an example of all of the good things in life and the good things we were trying to do here. He carried the spirit of freedom and happiness for all and never let things get him or those around him down. We can all say we are a better Marine for having served with someone who lived by the Marine Corps virtues of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. We can all say we are better Marines because he genuinely loved us all. New Jersey can stand proud of their Marine who has given his all.