A message of misery and more glad tidings

September 8th, 2006



If you get a chance, take a look at a couple of articles and online discussions that Third Way folks have authored in recent days. The first, by our senior economist Stephen Rose is posted on The American Prospect website. It’s entitled What’s (not) wrong with the middle class? and it is one of the most insightful and counterintuitive economic pieces I have seen in a long time. The Rose piece was featured in David Brooks’ NYTimes op-ed today.

The second piece is by Adam Solomon, Anne Kim and myself entitled Why a message of misery fails with the middle class. It was posted last week on an exciting new website called The Democratic Strategist, which is the brainchild of some wicked smart people—Bill Galston, Ruy Teixera, Scott Winship, and others. Our article gets a starring role in Rich Lowry’s column in The National Review. Take a look at our piece and follow the discussion at www.thedemocraticstrategist.com.
It’s great to be in The National Review, but we’d like some progressives to read this as well.