Democracy (The Magazine)

June 21st, 2006



Andrei Cherny burst onto the political scene when Bill Clinton cribbed some lines of his prose for use in his inaugural address. Heady stuff for any writer – headier still when the work the President draws upon was written while still in college. At 21, he was a White House speechwriter. Thereafter, he wrote speeches for nearly every major Democrat, served as founding Editor of the DLC’s magazine Blueprint, wrote a book and ran for office in California.

Ken Baer took a similar path. Hired as a White House speechwriter at an appallingly young age, he went on to write a book about the DLC and run his own communications firm.

They are, as my grandmother would say, impressive young men.

Now they have a new venture – they are the founders and editors of Democracy – A Journal of Ideas. After a splashy launch yesterday, the two are buckling down to take on some seriously heady topics. They are seeking to publish “breakthrough thinking on the concepts and approaches that respond to the central transformations of our time”. In their inaugural issue they have Jebediah Purdy on the male baby booms and busts of Asia and Europe, Jason Furman on the enormous impact of the health care tax exemption, Michael Lind on national greatness liberalism, Alan Wolfe on “faith-based foreign policy,” Brad Carson on the decline of the House of Representatives, and others.

This is a great start for a timely and important new venture. We at Third Way are huge fans of Baer and Cherny, and we are strong believers in the need for big new ideas. That’s why we are proud to be members of the board of Democracy and helping to sponsor this wonderful new venture.

We will be devouring the new ideas every time a new issue of Democracy comes out. We hope you will too.