Mum’s the Word

December 7th, 2006



Well, as if November wasn’t bad enough for social conservatives, December has really gotten off to a bad start. Mary Cheney is pregnant.

You remember Mary. She scolded John Kerry for acknowledging her sexual orientation during a presidential debate. Then she wrote a book that no one bought about her happy life as a gay daughter of the most backward thinking vice president since Johnson – that’s Andrew Johnson. Now she’s having a baby with her partner Heather Poe. When will it end?

The spokesgoons of the social conservative right are beside themselves. Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America called it “unconscionable.” Other “leaders” of the “pro-family” movement are wringing their hands over the terrible upbringing this yet-unborn child faces by not having the benefit of a mother and a father. And of course, there is the usual gnashing of teeth that the Bush-Scalia Administration is too soft on abortion and gays.

But the truth is that growing up in America without a mother and father is almost the norm. Last year, 36% of all children were born to unwed mothers. 36%! That doesn’t even count the children of divorced parents. But what does Pastor Ted and his ilk have to say about these babies who grow up without the benefit of a mother and a father?

The fact is that Ms. Cheney and Ms. Poe were able to do what no law could bar. Have a child. Maybe we should just say congratulations.