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The Democrats’ Nuclear-Free Zones

January 17th, 2008


I’ve been around politics a long time (circa the Mondale “surge”), and I’ve heard enough pandering and disingenuous nonsense spouted to keep aloft a flotilla of blimps. I’ve heard paeans to farmers of useless crops, love letters to members of narrow interest groups, and poetic praise to colorless down-ballot politicians. And all of this from candidates I support!

But rarely have I heard such dispiriting nonsense as that to which we were subjected during Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in Nevada, when the candidates turned to the subject of nuclear power. Read the rest of this entry »

3,000 Splendid Sons

January 11th, 2008


Yesterday, the Department of Defense announced the expected deployment of about 3,000 Marines to shore up the NATO mission in Afghanistan. The decision to increase troop levels in Afghanistan, the actual central front in the War on Terror, although yet to be finalized by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, is crucial, if very, very tardy. If the Bush administration hadn’t waited six years to talk about such an idea, let alone implement one, perhaps Afghanistan wouldn’t be slipping back toward general chaos right now.

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Stimulating Prosperity, Not Pessimism

January 9th, 2008


Wall Street is off to its worst January in history. The nation’s biggest mortgage lender is rumored to be nearing bankruptcy. Unemployment is on the rise. Every day seems to bring more bad news about the economy, and Americans’ view of the economy is at its worst since 1992.

Bad economic times are red meat to many progressives, who will be jumping on the chance to talk down the economy still further and trumpet a message of neopopulist pessimism.

Progressives should resist that temptation. We shouldn’t be trying to convince Americans that we’re on the brink of a new Depression, or that the middle-class is teetering on the precipice of poverty. Rather, we should be working to persuade Americans that we understand what it takes to get the economy moving forward in a way that benefits average families.

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