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Archive for December, 2007

Bhutto’s Murder and Lessons for Us All

December 28th, 2007


Yesterday’s assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the once and future Prime Minister of Pakistan, has thrown this nuclear-armed Muslim country of 165 million people (one of whom is Osama bin Laden) to the edge of –or perhaps over – the brink of chaos. Her loss is a tragedy, not only for the people of Pakistan, but for those everywhere who believe in women’s rights, democracy and the rule of law. And her murder carries important lessons, not only for Pakistan and her neighbors, but for the United States as well.

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Reaching WAY Across the Gap on Nuclear Power

December 10th, 2007


Today Al Gore went to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, making him the second son of Carthage, Tennessee to bring home that honor (the first was Cordell Hull). What is in the water in Carthage and Hope, Arkansas?

It was a proud day not only for Carthage but for all of us former Gore staffers. While far short of the presidency, the prize he deserved, the Nobel signals Gore’s immense role in offering a global wake-up call on climate change.

With an existential crisis looming for humanity, Third Way is trying to do our part, too. And last week, that effort put me prominently before a sign that said, in a fashionable, repeated graphic: “The Heritage Foundation.”

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