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Archive for October, 2006

The Middle Class Connection

October 27th, 2006


Economist Jeff Madrick takes us on in a recent article published in The Nation, and in a follow-up piece on The Huffington Post. Sadly, we haven’t been offered space in either venue to respond, so we post our answer to Jeff below: Read the rest of this entry »

Paving the Path to Citizenship

October 17th, 2006


Rachel Swarns has an interesting piece in today’s New York Times on a subject that is near and dear to Third Way – immigration. As she correctly points out, some Democrats are out-righting the right on enforcement of immigration laws. While Third Way is credited in the story with advising progressives to emphasize the Bush Administration’s failure to enforce immigration laws, we would like, to paraphrase NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, to clarify a “point of emphasis.” Read the rest of this entry »

New Voices in Whoville

October 13th, 2006


If you do not live either under a rock or in the White House, the need for the United States to change course in Iraq is becoming blindingly obvious to virtually everyone.

Continued American casualties, rampaging sectarian violence, a barely functioning government and a sagging shelf’s worth of books about our mistakes in Iraq are just a few of the proof points, but the bottom line is clear: the Bush “strategy” (if his administration’s leadership in the war effort can be said to have one) is failing miserably. Read the rest of this entry »

The Tough Talk Tour ’06

October 10th, 2006


In recent weeks, the President has been touring the country claiming that Democrats talk tough on terror.

But George W. Bush is no slouch himself in the tough talk department. Indeed, the threat-slinging duo of George Bush and Dick Cheney, backed by the dulcet tones of their allies in Congress, are on the road again, and they are all singing that same old song. Read the rest of this entry »

Third Way in Iraq #19: A Friend Lost

October 4th, 2006


Editor’s Note:

Sean continues his recovery in Philadelphia. He recently underwent more surgery, and he is currently confined to bed-rest.

Sean recently did a radio interview about his time in Iraq with a Swarthmore station (he’s an alumn). You can listen to the interview here (click on the link to Wren Elhai’s report in the first section on Education Underground). Read the rest of this entry »