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Third Way in Iraq #18: The Last Note from Fallujah

August 31st, 2006


Editors Note: This arrived recently from Sean, who is continuing his recovery in Phildadelphia:

Here is the last Dispatch I wrote from Fallujah. It was still on my notepad back in our room in the barracks when I was medevaced. I got my notepad back when I got all my belongings back from Iraq. Read the rest of this entry »

Stirring the Pot of Discontent on Immigration

August 29th, 2006


It’s unanimous. The four border state governors to the South have seen the House immigration field hearings and have given their verdict. In the words of Heidi Klum, “Mr. Hastert and Mr. Frist, you out!” Read the rest of this entry »

Do deficits matter? Greenspan versus Cheney: You pick the winner.

August 28th, 2006


Vice President Dick Cheney reportedly once said that “deficits don’t matter.”

Cheney now disputes having used these very words, but there’s no dispute about his boss’s record or conservatives’ careless attitude toward spending in the red. By 2011, President Bush and the Republican Congress will have racked up more than $1 trillion in deficits. Read the rest of this entry »

The FDA Finally Gets an “A-” for Plan B

August 25th, 2006


We haven’t had much occasion to cheer the Bush administration for anything lately, and when it comes to science, we have watched in dismay time and time again, as politics have dictated important outcomes. But yesterday, they finally got something right. After a nearly three year delay, the Food and Drug Administration approved over-the-counter sales of Plan B emergency contraception, otherwise known as the “morning after” pill. After six years of George Bush talking about his opposition to abortion and about the “culture of life,” this is actually the first significant step his administration has taken to reduce the number of abortions in America. Read the rest of this entry »

Third Way in Iraq #17: Surgery and News from Fallujah

August 24th, 2006


August 24, 2006

Editor’s Note:

Sean continues to recover from his wounds, but he still has no use of his right arm. In an attempt to repair that problem, he had surgery this week to graft several nerves taken from his legs into his shoulder and neck. The surgery went well – the surgeons liked the nerves they got from his legs and were generally pleased – but they won’t know for 9-12 months whether the graft will take. Read the rest of this entry »

Remembering Kathy Frost

August 24th, 2006


This week brought the sad news of the untimely passing of retired Major General Kathy Frost, who was the Army’s highest-ranking woman when she retired last year and the wife of former Representative Martin Frost. Kathy Frost died after a four-year battle with breast cancer. She was 57. Read the rest of this entry »