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CCPA: Clarifying the Constructive, Progressive Approach (on Abortion)

July 25th, 2006


The Middle East is on fire, America is at war in Iraq, gas is over $3 per gallon, there are coast-to-coast heat waves and blackouts, the immigration debate has exploded, global trade talks have collapsed, the federal budget hasn’t been passed, and Congress has spent this summer debating – drum roll please—flag-burning, the Pledge of Allegiance, and gay marriage. Read the rest of this entry »

Swamping Stem Cells

July 18th, 2006


Washington is built on a swamp, which is why those of us who live here must deal with triple digit heat and humidity (not to mention mosquitoes large enough to carry away small pets). It also provides a useful metaphor for politics, as today’s Senate debate over embryonic stem cell research makes clear. Read the rest of this entry »

Third Way in Iraq #15: A Message From the Captain

July 12th, 2006


July 12, 2006

Editor’s Note:

Sean Barney recently received an email from Captain Sean Miller, his Commanding Officer in Iraq, describing the events of the day he was wounded. We provide that message below. We have edited it only for a bit of Marine-style language. Read the rest of this entry »

Let My People Go: The Cost of the Iraq War

July 7th, 2006


Well another Fourth of July has passed—barbeque, fireworks and lots of hoopla for the Good Ole U.S. of A. Hard to believe we are a nation at war, but it’s true. For about 130,000 American troops, the 4th of July was just another grim day in Iraq. Read the rest of this entry »