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Archive for May, 2006

Expect a Heck of a Speech Tonight

May 15th, 2006


When you believe that government ought to be “small enough to be drowned in a bathtub,” expect some spillage over the side. In this case, the spillage comes from the Mexican border, where more than a half million illegal immigrants enter each year. Read the rest of this entry »

Moneyball: Kicking the Conservative Tax Cuts

May 11th, 2006


It’s May 2006. The polls for the reigning champs are dismal. The base is dissipating; the middle dissolving; and the left is fulminating. Nancy Pelosi is measuring the drapes in the Speaker’s office. Chuck Schumer is stacking gold bricks in his war chest. The K-Street project has been suspended. Read the rest of this entry »

Taking Action on Child Access to Online Porn

May 9th, 2006


Every day, untold thousands of new pornographic websites are created, and every day more kids are lured to them. But, as they say in the cartoons, “meanwhile, back in the Halls of Justice,” the superheros who run Congress sit around in their tights and their capes and do nothing. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s the Matter With the Middle-Class? And How to Fix It.

May 5th, 2006


Democrats see themselves as the party of the middle-class. It’s a long-held, deeply cherished belief, but there’s one tiny little problem—the middle-class, especially the white middle-class—increasingly is voting for Republicans. Read the rest of this entry »

May Day, May Day: Bush’s Banner Comes Back to Bite Him

May 1st, 2006


Fighter pilots go through a special kind of training affectionately known as “panic in a can.” In the training, a simulated cockpit is filled with water and spun around, with the occupant trying to escape and come up for air.

One of the most famous fighter pilots to do the “panic in a can” is George W. Bush. Read the rest of this entry »