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Archive for March, 2006

A Cure for the Immigration Jitters

March 24th, 2006


As the Senate prepares to take up the issue of immigration, everyone in this town is nervous.

Some conservatives — particularly the ones who whistle “Hail to the Chief” as they gaze into mirrors — are worried that their side will squander their recent gains with Hispanics. Since 1996, when Bill Clinton won the Hispanic vote by 50 points, Democrats have been losing ground by 50% per election cycle. Al Gore won by only 24 in 2000, and John Kerry nipped George Bush by only about a dozen. As the Hispanic vote has grown (from 4.1% of the electorate in 1996 to 8.4% in 2004), Hispanic household incomes have dramatically increased, and Democratic margins have simultaneously dwindled. (See our report Unrequited Love for more info). Read the rest of this entry »

NPR’s “All Things Considered” Considers a New Approach on Abortion

March 21st, 2006


We can thank Governor Rounds and the Republican South Dakota Legislature for one thing – they may have spurred a new kind of debate on abortion. Their recently-passed law to criminalize all abortions may become known as the law of unintended political consequences. Read the rest of this entry »

TW in Iraq #4: Heading to Iraq

March 20th, 2006


We have just returned from 28 days straight in the field. Taking that first shower after getting back to the rear has never been so heavenly!

This last stint in the field was the culminating phase of our four-month pre-deployment workup. Now that we have finished our training, we are preparing to embark very shortly for Iraq to begin our seven-month tour. Read the rest of this entry »

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – Again

March 14th, 2006


Last year, the National Republican Congressional Committee had two very special guests at their gala dinner honoring President Bush: porn star Mary Carey and adult film producer Mark Kulkis. The NRCC noted that the two had ponied up their dough – $2,500 each – so they were happy to have them. Indeed, so were many of the gala guests – an NRCC spokesman said he was “surprised by the number of people who wanted their pictures made with her last year.” Read the rest of this entry »

A Defining Moment From South Dakota

March 6th, 2006


Governor Rounds just today signed into law South Dakota’s near-total ban on abortion. With this devastating moment for personal liberties comes a long-awaited break for progressives. For too long now, progressives have been losing the battle of reasonableness with moderate voters, whom we call the “abortion grays” (see our issue brief Who is Winning the Abortion Grays?). Here’s our chance to turn things back around. Read the rest of this entry »